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That is simply gorgeous! Very masterful work of art! I love that even though this image is simply in black and white, the detail to the imagery is so rich, you almost feel as if you are looking at it in color anyway. The details on the tree needles are defined just enough in the foreground, to make you believe you can reach out and touch them. I love the extremely defined, yet also blurred detailing in respect to the pagoda. And then the mountainside has just enough detail to make it still pop out on the image. I am curious, is this inspired from a location you've seen in real life, or is it something sheerly drawn from imagination only?
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itokyoshoes Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Student
Thanks so much for taking time to critique and share your thoughts on my painting. haha I really appreciate it! =D

In answer to your question is it inspired from life or imagination? Yes and no. I was doing this for a project I had at school, and my project was on china. So I looked at a bunch of images of chinese landscapes and buildings, but I did not actually paint straight from and image. This was all from my imagination after looking at all of the chinese pictures of landscapes. =P

Again thank you so much! Im glad you enjoyed!! =D =D More to come!
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